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Assisting Evolution

Grist reporter Amelia Urry visits an Australian lab, where scientists are trying to grow coral that can survive in the future. And a farewell from Flora and Katherine.

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Born in the Anthropocene

Jeremy and Charlie, 11 year old students, are worried about climate change. They say it's because their generation will be the one to bear the brunt of its effects.

Cat Eyes for Climate Change

How far would you go for climate change? NYU philosopher Matthew Liao has an outside-the-box proposal: decrease energy use by engineering humans to have meat allergies, fur, and yes, cat eyes.

How Water Is Bought and Sold

Reporter Ryan Bradley lives in California. Given the drought, he figured it'd be a good idea to buy some water rights. It was more complicated than he thought.

When Rats Inherit the Earth

If humans were to go extinct, what would the planet look like? One paleobiologist says the creatures most likely to take our place are rats.

Cosmic Toilet

On the International Space Station, sewage, condensation and even sweat gets recycled into potable water. We have the technology to recycle water on Earth, too, but we don't use it as often as we could -- mostly because we think it's gross.

Video: Tornado Man 

What if you had an idea that you believed could change the world? What if that idea was a tornado machine?

Yak Life

Wild yaks live on the roof of the world, a frosty high-elevation plateau north of the Himalayas. Biologist Joel Berger wanted to find out how climate change might affect yaks, so he paid them a visit. 

Video: Driving on Air

Why did a young Romanian inventor build an eco-friendly car made out of half a million LEGO pieces that runs on compressed air? Well, why not?

Host Flora Lichtman (right) has been covering science and the environment for the last decade. She is the co-director New York Times Op-Docs series "Animated Life" -- short films on scientific discoveries, animated with paper puppets. Prior to The Adaptors, Flora was the managing editor of video and substitute host for Science Friday, a two-hour live public radio show.  Say hi on Twitter or email.

Producer Katherine Wells is an independent multimedia journalist. She was most recently the senior producer for The Atlantic's original video team, where she created the popular web series "If Our Bodies Could Talk." Prior to that, she produced podcasts and radio shows for WNYC's Freakonomics Radio and Science Friday.
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