You can listen to The Adaptors online or you can subscribe.

You can stream the podcast (listen to it or watch it without downloading it) right here on the website. Click the play button on an episode.

If you subscribe to The Adaptors, each time we release an episode or video, it will automatically download to your computer or device. Then you can listen (or watch) whenever you’d like, and even if you're not online. 

Many people subscribe to podcasts using iTunes on their computers. Here's how.


On a phone or tablet, you can use an app like Podcasts, which is already on iPhones and iPads. (There are lots and lots of podcast apps. Stitcher is a popular and free one that works on Android phones, too.)

After you open the app,  just search for "The Adaptors," or give the app our RSS feed:

Here's how to subscribe on an iPhone using the Podcasts app.